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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Great happenings at our last meeting!

Gerry Nechvatal, Economic Development Director for Pickens County
spoke to the club giving us an update on the local economy. He is pictured with Larry Starr.

The Club also presented  a check to the PHS BETA Club for their support at
the S.T.A.R. Banquet in February.  Larry Starr with Christine Westbrook, BETA Club advisor and Drew Roberts, BETA Club President pictured below.

PCMS JOOI banner presentation!

After a great first year, PCMS was presented with their official Optimist International Banner!
Thanks to Club Members Jack Hollis, Bruce Godfrey, Larry Starr, Jim Kirk and
Sue Appleton (behind the lens)

JMS JOOI 2014 wrap-up....

Article from the Pickens Progress

2014 Respect for Law award winners!

2014 Essay Contest review!

At its April 3 breakfast meeting, the Optimist Club of Jasper recognized the winners of the 2014 Jasper Optimist Essay Contest.  The 2014 essay topic was, “How Dreams lead to success”.

The winners of the Essay Contest were Haley Lacuesta, first place; Kayla Low, second place; Sadie Cornett, third place.  Each of the winners received a medal and a cash prize.  At the meeting the three winners read their essays to the club members.

Haley wrote about her vivid dream that she had since childhood of becoming a newspaper journalist who links individual citizens to the events and issues of the world.  She explained that “my dreams are my goals; they are one step away from becoming reality and so close they are almost physically tangible.”  Her dreams give Haley the courage to pursue her goal in the face of obstacles and diversions that stand in the way.

Kayla Low wrote that “the world is propelled forward by the dreams of humanity”.  Kayla’s mother followed her childhood dream to be a nurse.  The dreams of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Martin Luther King Jr. led to the achievement of the great advancements that they envisioned.   Kayla presented a captivating panorama of her own dreams of becoming an equine surgeon, a hematologist, or what may be her true passion, a flute player.

Sadie Cornett described how her childhood dream of becoming a writer and novelist has motivated her to write many stories for her family and friends, and to enter several writing contests where she had success.  She wrote about how her mother never lost sight of her dream to own a successful business, and how leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. never lost sight of their dream.  Sadie expresses strong belief that she too will not lose sight of her dream, despite those who discourage her from becoming an author.

With 135 entries, this year’s Essay Contest became a showcase for the dreams of the youth of Pickens County.   Here are some of their thoughts about dreams and success contained in their essays.

Dreams lead to an underlying desire for excellence, which leads to success.

Our dreams are parts of one big web of tasks and objectives that need to be completed for success.

Following your dreams bring new people, new talents, and new light.  Creating new bonds and gaining new talents are the greatest form of success.

Every dream needs a plan.

Dreams are a call to action.  Success begins with the initial dream.

Dreams are pictures in our mind that inspire us with passion and emotion.

Success is when dreams become a reality.  Dreams provide the strong base upon which success can be built.

Dreams feed your inner ambition.  With a dream in mind, and will power, you can be successful.

Without dreams, we have nothing to care about.  Without dreams, people would be lazy and careless.

Dreams create a vision of yourself in the future.

Dreams are the first step to success.  Then we must clarify our goals, work hard, and have faith.

We have dreams, but many people give up when they realize that it is harder work than we thought.  We can’t just sit there and wish.

The Optimist Club wishes to thank the Essay Contest judges, Gerald Allen, Jesse Hunter, and Marci Hottinger, who are members of the Pickens County Association of Retired Educators.

The Optimists are also grateful to Debbie Roper, Chair of the English Department at Pickens High School, who promoted the Optimist Essay Contest at the school.

The Essay Contest is a program of Optimist International.  The Essay Contest gives young people the opportunity to write about their own opinions regarding the world in which they live.

Each local Optimist Club winner moves on to the Georgia District contest, where the winner receives a $2,500.00 college scholarship.  Each of the 135 Jasper Essay Contest participants receives a personalized Certificate of Participation.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May the Fore be with you!

Good Luck at Today's Optimist Scholarship Golf Tournament!
I hope you shoot better than these guys...

Thursday, May 1, 2014